The wife always wins….

Cheating blog1cheating blog 2cheating 3I was at a New Years party last night and noticed an intense attraction simmering between a 20-year-old girl and a 35-year-old married man. I’ve got to be honest, a part of me smiled to myself…oh, to be young and stupid again…another part of me thought, you are going to regret this by morning kiddo, I hope you didn’t exchange numbers. Later that evening, I found them in a dark back corner making out. His wife was at home asleep; literally, two doors down. I did my best to keep their “Tongue swapping” area off-limits. The wiser part of me did it to protect this young girls reputation…..the selfish side of me did it so that his wife wouldn’t walk in, see this, and wreak havoc on the party. I wanted to whack the man on the back of the head and drag him out like a little boy; but at the last moment, I thought better of it. I felt my lips open to give the girl a piece of my mind but there again, knew it was not the time nor the place. She wouldnt have listened anyway. In her young mind, this married man was probably much like a CIA agent or a vampire. Alluring, off-limits, mysterious, dangerous, all mixed with a need to feel powerful and grown-up. And of course a raging libido. My words would have sounded very Charlie Brown-ish whomp-whomp-wharrp-wharrp…..but in slow motion. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is stay out of it, mingle with guests, count down to the new year, and drink more champagne…quicky.


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