Dash Snow….

Dash Snow makes me smile. He was such a badass but in the same breathe I think, you big baby! You had a ton of money, came from this great family tradition, blew it all on drugs, and killed yourself. I always think it is such a wimpy thing to do…..the inability to balance yourself enough to endure….he had a beautiful daughter named “Secret Midnight Magic Nico” with some chick who was not Agathe Snow. I am team Agathe Snow…here is a link to her Stylelikeu video…http://stylelikeu.com/closets/agathe-snow/ Dash like a million other artist I admire, had a life that ended tragically at least his ended tragically in a $325 a night motel room and not in a gutter but still…..it’s tragic. It is my opinion that his life demonstrated the wasting of a gift. He had some great, funny, photography and I was always secretly cheering on his daring graffiti feats!!
Dash had a ton of critics but who doesn’t? I know there are a lot of people who say that his art was not impressive; that he only got into shows because of his pedigree. I for one, don’t care how you get there, it still takes major balls to live with wild abandon……I will give him that. One more thing….He knew beards were cool before we did…..This video has a good collective view of his photography….

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