No Pressure…..

I was reading about, “Francesca Woodman” and then decided to watch her documentary last night.  I’ve always loved the way she embodied  the wild abandon that only youth provides through her pictures.  They’ve always captured the wild spirit of a strong, sexually liberated, young woman. (My opinion) When I watched the documentary, I was astounded by her parents.  At one point her mother said that while she enjoyed the acclaim her late daughters photos were receiving, she wanted to say, “Hey, I’m an artist too! I make art too!” (That was an actual quote) I can not get this out of my head.  I feel like both of her parents priorities are off the mark.  Your daughter flung herself out of a New York Loft window to her death.  Her face was unrecognizable and that is what you have to say about her art?  Her father went on to mimic her pictures, which I feel is in extremely bad taste and serves to tarnish her memory and vision.  I thought my jaw could not drop any further to the ground and then he said, in effect, that he is o.k. with all of the attention she is receiving because he feels that her work warrants it, however, if her work was not good, he would have a real problem with all of the attention she is receiving.  This poor girl.  I feel so badly for her. I do not mean to dismiss any deep seated psychological issues that she had, but everything has a root cause.  I surmise that she needed parents that let her know she was needed, important, and relevant with or without successful art.  Her story has been haunting me all day.  I’ve always been a fan of her tree root picture below.  You should watch her documentary (and form your own opinion) and read more about her if you enjoy photography.

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