Open those dressing room curtains like you mean it….

I went into a high end store today to look at something I’ve been pining for.  This item cost more than the last car repair bill.  I am far too reasonable to purchase it, but I had to try it on.  I mean, I am unpredictable, I walk on the wild side, there was a possibility I would toss caution to the wind and take it home.  It could have happened.  As I stood there in the mirror deciding if I was going to jump or not, I couldn’t stop staring at the lush curtains hanging in my dressing room. They were madness!  They were thick and deeply colored with these incredibly lavish tie backs.  I kept envisioning myself rushing them open in one swoop and exiting like a queen.  Do queens do that?  I’m really not sure, but in my mind at that moment; I knew with all certainty that they did.  I said, “To hell with it.”  I flung those suckers over to one side and stood there like I was royalty.  I was doing well until I blew my cover by throwing my arm up like I was finishing a cheer leading routine!   I looked at the sales lady and we burst out laughing.  I said, ” I couldn’t resist! Those curtains were begging for it!”  After witnessing my sweet pasodoble move, we were bonded, she and I had a great conversation.  I’m determined to take the fun wherever I can find it.  I feel like we/I often hold ourselves back out of formality.  I want to seize the little moments and LIVE!  I want to enjoy my life without thinking about how it looks to other people! Today, that meant flinging back the curtains as dramatically as possible, and looking forward like I owned the world.  “And you. Yeah, you.  The one that was giving me stink eye in the corner, you wish you had the chutzpah to exit a dressing room like a queen! I wish you’d try it, you deserve it!


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