It’s a bird it’s a plane….

I went to see  Washington’s new movie, Flight.  First off, Denzel is smoking hot in that pilot suit and awesome shades. There was one scene in-particular that resonated with me.  This woman begins rubbing his knee to soothe his pain (wink, wink) and his skin revealed his age!  It made me laugh because Denzel does not look his age, but his knee skin in that part of the movie sure did.  As she rubs his knee, his skin is totally pliable and moving all over the place.  This is something a person over 40 can relate to.  Your skin doesn’t move like that when you are younger.  You can rub your muscles and stay in one place when you are young.  As you age, you rub, and your skin is moving all over the  I don’t care how fit and hot you look.  The skin will betray you.  Just ask the elbows.  Side Note:  I always like to watch his movies and secretly look for a scene where his double jointed fingers show!  I always sit there waiting for it…..waiting for it…there it is!…Ha  I tell you, the things that amuse me…

  It’s a good thing he is double jointed because he is too close to perfect. 🙂


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