Circ Du Soleil

I went to see a Circ Du Soleil show!!  I had on some pumps that were my nemesis—stadium seating.(Note to self) I didn’t realize the human body is capable of some of the moves I saw. There was a woman (maybe a young man…hard to tell lol) on a suspended hoola hoop by just her neck,floating, and twirling above a hard surface!  I would like to know what those flaps of fabric are made of that allow these performers to unroll themselves from great heights night after night without ripping.  I’d like some sheets made of that stuff.  Personally,  I related more to the clowns. They laid a circle on the floor about 2 feet off the ground and jumped over it, and even then, tripped.  I do that for no pay, every time I visit a friends home with toddlers.  They were cracking inside jokes with their friends and had the same problem I have with running eyeliner. Clowns are my kind of people!

 I think everyone should experience at least one Circ show in their lifetime!  It was fun!!  The Stockholm’s I drank at dinner were fun also…Next stop a Burlesque Show!!

This blue act was awesome…

She suspended him in the air by one arm!! 

I’m probably related to this guy lol:


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