Who are you again? You resemble a woman I once knew..

I completely understand the need to tune-up as we age. But when did it become a better option to look like a freak?  I have a friend, whom I adore, that is taking her “tune-ups” too far.  At this rate, I may fail to recognize her soon.  Have you ever tried to talk to a friend who is taking it too far but loves their results?  It’s impossible, they will not hear you.  They do not want to stop.  They think they look great.  They don’t see the bumpiness we see from plumper’s etc. Why are some of us so ashamed of aging?  I’m not going to lie—it does suck at times.  There are moments where the you in your head and the you in the mirror do not align and it hurts.  But it’s life, it’s normal. I get it, no one should give up and let age consume you…but why alter your flesh so much so, that you look like a rendition of a fish or resemble a feline?  I was passing by the television as I cooked dinner and there was an interview of the Housewives of ___________ and it was ridiculous, They all looked the same!!  Fish lips, boobs, fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan, super power lip-gloss, bitter, catty, superficial, and rail thin.  The five minutes I viewed weren’t pretty, sexy, or inspiring.  It makes me sad to think that there are young girls watching the temperaments of these women and aspiring to be like them.

Who are you again?

I can appreciate Jane Fonda and Michelle they did some work but still look like themselves. This is sexier than fish pout and clothes meant for a 19 year old.


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