Susan Surandon deserves a shrine…..

I need to designate a little area in my house for a tribute to Susan Surandon.  Here is a woman who was committed to a man for over 20 years, refused to marry him because she tried that once, and said, “she would never do it again.” (applause)  She raised her child while remaining a viable force in her business and maintained her following of male fans for over 40 years.  I don’t know how many times I’ve asked men which actresses they find appealing, only to be shocked to hear, Susan Surandon.  I am talking about all ages of men!  It’s stunning!!  I have heard this from 20 year olds!!  The woman is on to something.  We should be taking notes on how to handle life and aging.  She did not cry, sulk, or gain weight when her relationship went to hell, she got a man half her age, and started playing ping-pong.  Please note: I am not referring to a cute innuendo for sex, I mean, “ping-pong.”  She even opened up a table tennis club.  She is now 66 and he is 35.  I throw my head back, laugh, and marvel in it! lol  My mother was born in 54 and if she came across a 35-year-old man trying to hit on her, she would probably pat his head, and offer him candy.  Susan Surandon was born in 1946!!! She was acting in films while I was still floating around trying to find my way to planet earth.  SHE IS MY HERO.  I’m wondering if some of her male cult following isn’t due to her risque lesbian scenes in the 1983 film, “The Hunger.”  A man never forgets things like that.  Especially in 1983.  But I digress, let’s continue, she turns around after that lesbian lovin’ and plays a nun in dead man walking.  She is so intriguing, I’ve never heard her make apologies for herself or bend to another’s opinion.  She is a remarkably strong and compelling woman who remains feminine.  I think this is what men find attractive.  She can look them in the eye, challenge their ideas, not flinch, and all this while wearing a distracting off the shoulder dress.  She is sure of herself, composed, owns her body, and has never tried too hard.  She has never had a public meltdown, shaved her head……or worn a meat dress. Jussttt sayin,,,,

It is interesting to watch her daughter, Eva Amurri on Californication (great show by the way) she can stare down a man the same way her mother can.   Eva possesses the same qualities as her mother. A quiet, fierce confidence that keeps the men coming….oops, I meant running……….


  This picture is from the October issue of ELLE Magazine……uhmazing….66 years old!


THe boyfriend………………    ….. 

Baby Surandon Eva Amurri 


Located at:

NY  10010………………………..Here is a link to it:


I’m in a remodel mode…..

I am over-hauling my house in an effort to bring some clarity into my life.  Did that sound good?….clarity into my life…  I totally stole that line from Nate Burkus.  I heard him say that once on an episode of his show.  The idea being that if we clear our space, we clear our minds, and thus invoke more clarity into our lives.  I’ll tell you what will invoke clarity into your living space, just watch an episode of hoarders.  If that show doesn’t get you cleaning and throwing stuff out; nothing will! My over-hauling  got me thinking about Tony Duquette.  That guy does not get enough credit today if you ask me.  He passed in 1999 but he really changed what is possible for home decor.  I’ve never understood why women/men decorate for other people.  They set up their homes in a way that they think would impress other people.  THIS IS YOUR HOUSE!!  Why would you hang towels that the people who live in your home can’t even use?  That is not a true living space!  Life is short, use those towels!  I love the dramatic style of Tony Duquette.  I am currently hanging satin curtains all around my bed and installing a chandelier above.  As I was doing this,  Mr. Duquette popped into my mind.  He was an amazing decorator!  I pretend I’m set designing, instead of decorating for a boring furniture store to impress the neighbors.  Look at some of this mans work!


He could even decorate plants for crying out loud! lol

No Pressure…..

I was reading about, “Francesca Woodman” and then decided to watch her documentary last night.  I’ve always loved the way she embodied  the wild abandon that only youth provides through her pictures.  They’ve always captured the wild spirit of a strong, sexually liberated, young woman. (My opinion) When I watched the documentary, I was astounded by her parents.  At one point her mother said that while she enjoyed the acclaim her late daughters photos were receiving, she wanted to say, “Hey, I’m an artist too! I make art too!” (That was an actual quote) I can not get this out of my head.  I feel like both of her parents priorities are off the mark.  Your daughter flung herself out of a New York Loft window to her death.  Her face was unrecognizable and that is what you have to say about her art?  Her father went on to mimic her pictures, which I feel is in extremely bad taste and serves to tarnish her memory and vision.  I thought my jaw could not drop any further to the ground and then he said, in effect, that he is o.k. with all of the attention she is receiving because he feels that her work warrants it, however, if her work was not good, he would have a real problem with all of the attention she is receiving.  This poor girl.  I feel so badly for her. I do not mean to dismiss any deep seated psychological issues that she had, but everything has a root cause.  I surmise that she needed parents that let her know she was needed, important, and relevant with or without successful art.  Her story has been haunting me all day.  I’ve always been a fan of her tree root picture below.  You should watch her documentary (and form your own opinion) and read more about her if you enjoy photography.

Open those dressing room curtains like you mean it….

I went into a high end store today to look at something I’ve been pining for.  This item cost more than the last car repair bill.  I am far too reasonable to purchase it, but I had to try it on.  I mean, I am unpredictable, I walk on the wild side, there was a possibility I would toss caution to the wind and take it home.  It could have happened.  As I stood there in the mirror deciding if I was going to jump or not, I couldn’t stop staring at the lush curtains hanging in my dressing room. They were madness!  They were thick and deeply colored with these incredibly lavish tie backs.  I kept envisioning myself rushing them open in one swoop and exiting like a queen.  Do queens do that?  I’m really not sure, but in my mind at that moment; I knew with all certainty that they did.  I said, “To hell with it.”  I flung those suckers over to one side and stood there like I was royalty.  I was doing well until I blew my cover by throwing my arm up like I was finishing a cheer leading routine!   I looked at the sales lady and we burst out laughing.  I said, ” I couldn’t resist! Those curtains were begging for it!”  After witnessing my sweet pasodoble move, we were bonded, she and I had a great conversation.  I’m determined to take the fun wherever I can find it.  I feel like we/I often hold ourselves back out of formality.  I want to seize the little moments and LIVE!  I want to enjoy my life without thinking about how it looks to other people! Today, that meant flinging back the curtains as dramatically as possible, and looking forward like I owned the world.  “And you. Yeah, you.  The one that was giving me stink eye in the corner, you wish you had the chutzpah to exit a dressing room like a queen! I wish you’d try it, you deserve it!

Thankful for a boyfriend, turkey, I mean boyfriend….

I went to a American Sign Language class today and the lecturer asked each person to explain what they were thankful for.  Before I get into that, I should explain why I was in a ASL class.  Mostly, I enrolled because the “middle finger up sign” is SOOO effective that I decided I should know more.  I want a library of hand signs to fling around when talking just wont do.  I think it is fascinating that we can communicate with other people by our facial expressions and simple things like, a finger up, fist up, love sign, smiles, etc. My class is full of mostly young women. I was astonished at the amount of young woman who said they were thankful for their boyfriends.  Are you serious?  Of all the things in the world, you are thankful for a boyfriend?  Do you know what your mother went through to get you here?  No thanks for her?  Of all of the things I’d hoped were twirling around in their cute little heads…all they got was, my boyfriend? It reminded me of that line from “This Means War” with Chelsea Handler. She says, “You think Gloria Steinem sat in a jail cell so you can act like a little B%$#@!?”  I think the worst thing any woman can do is give themselves over entirely to a boy/man/significant other.  If you lose yourself, you are finished.  When your worth is centering around a man or any significant other for that matter, you are giving that person too much power over you.  You can’t lose yourself, EVER.  Be TRUE TO YOURSELF. Example:  I overheard a bundle of girls in class saying they were omitting certain things for Thanksgiving because their boyfriends didn’t like it.  Look, let’s get something straight, If you come to my house on Thanksgiving and I love oysters; there will be oysters.  I will not sacrifice my oysters for you and do not expect you to sacrifice what you love for me.  You want spam? Get cranking with that can opener….(just keep it far away from my side of the table, however, I hope you enjoy the hell out of it!)  It is so sacrificial lamb to say, “Oh well, it’s ok, I don’t want him to have to smell it, etc. so I’m just not going to make it.” It is so shrinking violet to say, “My boyfriend doesnt like ham, so we won’t have any.” or ” I like movies but my boyfriend will be watching football, so…” Are you kidding me? I decided I am going to rebel against thanksgiving this year entirely.  I am going to make steaks and the things I really enjoy. This will be more gratifying than those annoying, smelly, big birds I’ve cooked all my life because “I was supposed to.” I want steak Gaw dammit.  And Oysters….;)


It’s a bird it’s a plane….

I went to see  Washington’s new movie, Flight.  First off, Denzel is smoking hot in that pilot suit and awesome shades. There was one scene in-particular that resonated with me.  This woman begins rubbing his knee to soothe his pain (wink, wink) and his skin revealed his age!  It made me laugh because Denzel does not look his age, but his knee skin in that part of the movie sure did.  As she rubs his knee, his skin is totally pliable and moving all over the place.  This is something a person over 40 can relate to.  Your skin doesn’t move like that when you are younger.  You can rub your muscles and stay in one place when you are young.  As you age, you rub, and your skin is moving all over the  I don’t care how fit and hot you look.  The skin will betray you.  Just ask the elbows.  Side Note:  I always like to watch his movies and secretly look for a scene where his double jointed fingers show!  I always sit there waiting for it…..waiting for it…there it is!…Ha  I tell you, the things that amuse me…

  It’s a good thing he is double jointed because he is too close to perfect. 🙂

Circ Du Soleil

I went to see a Circ Du Soleil show!!  I had on some pumps that were my nemesis—stadium seating.(Note to self) I didn’t realize the human body is capable of some of the moves I saw. There was a woman (maybe a young man…hard to tell lol) on a suspended hoola hoop by just her neck,floating, and twirling above a hard surface!  I would like to know what those flaps of fabric are made of that allow these performers to unroll themselves from great heights night after night without ripping.  I’d like some sheets made of that stuff.  Personally,  I related more to the clowns. They laid a circle on the floor about 2 feet off the ground and jumped over it, and even then, tripped.  I do that for no pay, every time I visit a friends home with toddlers.  They were cracking inside jokes with their friends and had the same problem I have with running eyeliner. Clowns are my kind of people!

 I think everyone should experience at least one Circ show in their lifetime!  It was fun!!  The Stockholm’s I drank at dinner were fun also…Next stop a Burlesque Show!!

This blue act was awesome…

She suspended him in the air by one arm!! 

I’m probably related to this guy lol: