I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening..

When you are younger you try to argue your point.  You think you know it all.  The most asinine move you can make is believing that you will change another person.  When I was younger, I believed I could sway someone to my way of thinking; if I could just explain a position better.  I presumed I could aid friends in abusive relationships by emphasizing their worth. I would exhaust myself and waste time listening to people who had no intention of seeking help.  I finally became exhausted enough to realize I could surround myself with healthy, peaceful people instead.  Age has taught me to avoid people that always have drama and never seek an end to the madness  At this stage, I choose what I allow into my life and what I don’t.  I can tell when a person is about to start pushing their political agenda on me and I can diffuse the situation with a smile and simply not engaging.  I marvel in the power of it! In my youth my blood would boil and I would be waiting for the other person to take a breath for the chance to interject and explain why they were such an asshole.  It’s like amazing grace, I once was blind, but now I see… smiling and staying silent works for me!  Choosing not to engage, but still being present with kindness, is wisdom.  I intend to sip my wine, smile, and enjoy the oblivion….watching as the young people waste time arguing their point of view. 


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