Orthopedic shoes need rehab…yes, yes, yes..

I went somewhere today and I noticed a lady in line. She had obviously spent a lot of time getting herself ready.  She was with her teenage daughter it seemed like they had just come from church.  As I stood there, I admired her hair and great bone structure.  She was about 15 years older than me but I thought, wow you are aging really well!  She had on a nice dress and then I looked down and saw this: There they were, in all of their glory, orthopedic sandals.  This woman stood tall and looked ten years younger until her long dress flitted and revealed this atrocity.  Why do women do this to themselves?  Aren’t there better orthopedic options out there?  I mean, if we can make fake noses and boobs, we can make fake orthopedic shoes right? These shoes (when not medically prescribed) scream, “I have given up.”   All the bone structure and natural glow in the world, can’t compensate for these.  I say, “Fight like hell against wearing these as long as you can.”  Better yet, Never.


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