Birthday in the warm California Sun!

I went to the Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk for my Birthday it was a blast!  Did you know that you can drink ice cold 24oz cans of beer on the boardwalk!?  I kept waiting to be accosted and stopped by security but all they did was smile and wave!  The people there were so nice.  With the exception of teen agers who no longer move out of the way for children or the elderly.  It was awful!  They would come barraling at people and expect 80 year olds and mothers with children to move out of their way!  The giant dipper is still, after all these years, one of the best damn roller coasters I’ve ever been on!!!  The guy that built that thing really knew what he was doing!  It was not what I remembered or expected it was so thrilling!!!  The old school coaster seats really bang you around but I think that is part of the thrill!  You feel as though you may fall out at any moment.  I’ve never been a person to raise my arms on a roller coaster but I went with it and it was great!  I’ve never screamed on a roller coaster before either and let me tell you,  I screamed like a 12 year odl girl. I think getting older made my roller coaster tolerance weaker but I am determined to power through!  I don’t remember my tummy feeling woozy when I was in my teens and twenties on a roller coaster? Well, then again maybe the beer had something to do with that!




I give up….

Yeah, I give up.  I decided to just start shaving my face and lip.  It donned on me over risotto and white wine this weekend.  One of my girlfriends said, Hey you know that Italian lady on housewives totally admitted to shaving her face! Maybe you should try it!  This is where it all began, the wheels in my brain began to turn, the pistons were moving up and down.  I began to visualize all of my shave gels in my hall closet and settled on one I felt would be best for my sensative- virgin- facial skin….SNAP!!   I was jolted out of my daze when I was approached by a waiter about more wine.  “Hell Yes!” was the answer.  I couldn’t wait to get home and shave!!!  Details later!…..I’ll leave you with this article for inspiration of your own!!!!