The Eighteener…

I had a conversation today with an 18 year old.  I went into the conversation thinking I was the wiser of the two.  I came out smirking, jolted and thankful that this kid hit me with a wake-up call.  She was expressing that her parents want her to join them in the living room and participate in the consumption of reality television shows.  She explained to her parents that she does not find television mentally stimulating, at all.  They told her that she is pretentious because she would rather read or draw.  I explained to her that it can be pretentious to purposely avoid other people because you feel their activities are beneath you.  I explained that there is a fine line and that because these were people she loved, sometimes you make exceptions for that love.  She asked for an example.  I said, I hate baseball games but occasionally I go with a friend of mine because she loves them.  I said, See, you sacrifice sometimes because you care about that person and it’s something they enjoy.  It was in that moment that I was jolted wide awake.  She looked at me with the intrigue of a psychoanalysis and said…….Yes, but do any of your friends do those things for you.    Staring….silence……revelation….smirk…….I said, you know what, this is actually something I have been struggling with.  No they do not.  None of my friends would go to a weird art show with me or stay at the green tortoise with me….and it was in this moment that I was schooled by an eighteener. 





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